Second Opinion

Do You Need An Expert Second Opinion Regarding A Brain Or Spine Scan Of A Child?

We provide a specialized service for obtaining second opinions on complex Pediatric Neuroimaging for infants and children, including brain and spine scans for conditions such as developmental and behavioral disorders, epilepsy, headaches, autism, neuroinflammation, brain tumors, metabolic disorders, craniofacial abnormalities, hearing loss, and blindness. In addition to a comprehensive written report, we also offer video consultations for the referring clinicians and/or parents. We welcome self-referrals.”

Apart from a written report, we also offer video consultations with the referring clinicians and or parents. Self-referral is possible.

Review Documentation Requirements

Clients need to send radiology related review files in DICOM format.

All relevant medical history and consultation sheets to be enclosed.

Our Process

⁠Select type of
Select the type of scan that you would like to share with the radiologist with certain preliminary information on the platform.
Upload your Scans
and Clinical Files
Submit your scan (PDF, JPG, PNG, DICOM, etc.) under 500 MB with relevant information for the radiologist.
Securely Make
Securely complete your payment within the platform without any hassle.
Receive a Diagnosis
Report in 48 hours.
Receive a diagnosis report in just 48 hours and plan for further consultation.

Your Questions Answered

Have questions about pediatric neuro radiology or Dr. Nihaal's services? We have answers to common queries right here.

You can seek assistance by emailing us at or by calling us at +91-9392942661

The turnaround time in general for a second opinion consultation is 24-36 hours during weekdays and 48 hours during weekends.