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The key to successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis.

Without accurate interpretation of the child's radiology scans, the risk of delays and wrong treatment increases. A second opinion can open new avenues for your recovery journey.


Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

For parents seeking second opinions or additional insights into their child's condition, we offer Secondary Opinion Services. Our Pediatric Neuro Radiologist is here to provide expert guidance and peace of mind.

Obtaining a secondary opinion is simple. Click 'Request Now,' submit relevant medical documents, and our Pediatric Neuro Radiologist will review your case. A detailed report will follow.

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Virtual Consultations for Your Peace of Mind

Our video consultation services bring expert care right to your home. Discuss your child's health concerns, review imaging results, and seek guidance from a trusted specialist, all through secure and convenient online sessions.

Scheduling a video consultation is easy. Simply click the 'Book Now' button, choose a convenient time, and you'll receive a secure link for your virtual appointment.


About Dr. Nihaal’s Expertise in Pediatric Neuro Radiology

Welcome to the world of pediatric neuro radiology, led by Dr. Nihaal, a distinguished expert in the field. Dr. Nihaal is committed to providing the highest quality care to young patients.

Dr. Nihaal earned his medical degree from NTR University of Health Sciences, followed by a rigorous postgraduate residency in Radiodiagnosis at JNMC, KLE University, Belgavi.

His journey took him to Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard, for an observership in Pediatric Neuroradiology under the guidance of Dr. Sanjay Prabhu.

Dedicated to advancing his knowledge, Dr. Nihaal embarked on a postdoctoral fellowship in Pediatric Neuroradiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, under the mentorship of Dr. Andrea Poretti.
Furthermore, he honed his skills with a second fellowship, specializing in pediatric radiology & neuroradiology at the esteemed Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr. Nihaal currently serves as consultant at multiple childrens hospitals and centres across Hyderabad and India.

His expertise lies in areas such as posterior fossa imaging, malformations, and inherited neurometabolic disorders. Dr. Nihaal's dedication and specialization ensure that every young patient receives the best care.

Dr. Nihaal's commitment to excellence in pediatric neuro radiology is evident in his accolades and accreditations. He has been recognized for his contributions to the field, enhancing the confidence of his young patients and their families.

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